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10 Jan

Some thoughts to the producers at Porno for Fat Kids.

a/k/a Food Network. Why have a “Who Wants To Be A Food Network Star” when there’s only so many time slots not currently occupied by omnipresent Rachel Ray? Have they run out of ideas? Tink and I were talking about how Road Tasted, 40 dollars a Day, Tasty Travels, Feasting On Asphalt, and now Giada’s […]

10 Jan

Running the risk of repeating myself…

…so I refrain from blog entries. I’m running a fever. There’s still work to be done. Dare I mention I had to add 4 pages to the book? Yeah, it ended up being 204 pages long. The editor (Hi Deb!!) and I thought it was for the best. I’ve often heard that your first book […]

10 Jan

With my morning cawfee…™ (1-10-07)

Twas great seeing Ginger last night. She bought a wonderful (and expensive) embrordiery machine — I’m gonna have to find out costs cos I certainly want a few things made! I don’t know how long Mother Nature is gonna let winter stay — not that I’m not appreciative (I am, believe me!), but I hope […]

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