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Archive for December 27th, 2006

27 Dec

I thought I was supposed to be on vacation.

If so, then why do I always seem to be on the go? I’ve got revisions (and additions) to make to “the book”…which I’m working on as I type. How did everyone’s holidays go?

27 Dec

Thanks be to God.

PR’s sister has turned up, alive, without explaination. We don’t care, we’re just glad she’s alive. Thanks to all who offered up prayers.

27 Dec

Another prayer request

This time, again, for PR. It seems that his sister has absconded with a quantity of their mother’s pain killers and when confronted with it, appears to have fled. Dog is still in the house, but the windows are open, car is in the driveway (it’s got a flat tire, and she’s not allowed to […]

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