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13 Dec

Stress Reliever

How you do you relieve stress? Massage? Drink? Chocolate? Let me know. I need some suggestions.

13 Dec

Various musings

Thanks to the reader who wrote in saying they saw me Monday night on a rebroadcast of “Garden of Evil” (Forensic Files, CourtTV). PR’s sister saw the same repeat. Nice to know I’m somewhat infamous. Know anyone who likes Belgian Chocolates? I’m trying to lose weight and was given a 435g package of the same. […]

13 Dec

Are you sure this isn’t Monday?

Or did everyone just forget to pack their brains today? I swear (often, and loudly) that today must be Jour D’idiot.

13 Dec

It’s Wednesday. Yay. Maybe.

Lots to do. Plus haircut, cantata practice, solo song rehearsal, yada yada yada. Have I said that I’ll be glad when it’s all over? I have? Good. Let me reiterate. I’ll be glad when it’s all over. After 3 years of being the narrator for various shows, I’m thinking it may be time for me […]

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