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12 Dec

The Tuesday Ten™ 12-12-06

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Christmas Shopping Edition.

1. Have you completed your shopping?

2. How many people do you buy for?

3. Do you take the easy way out and give gift cards/certficates and/or Cash?

4. Do you prefer to shop at megamarts or mom & pop stores?

5. Do you do your shopping year round, or at 4pm 12/24?

6. Do you do most of your shopping locally, or on line?

7. Do you shop using a list, or browse to see if you can find someone the person you are gifting would like?

8. What is your opinion on “re-gifting”?

9. Have you ever mistakenly re-gifted something back to the person who gave it to you?

10. Ask me something!

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    Flitting Here And There » Blog Archive » The Tuesday Ten, on a Wednesday Says:

    […] I inspired this edition of the  Tuesday Ten, as I was frantically working away on DG’s afghan.  […]

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