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09 Dec

We will meet again…though I must let you go…

Keyed Up’s father’s funeral was today. I’ve had it to here (points to neck) with funerals, even though this one was a celebration of life and not manufactured grief. As such, I’ve been on the road for more than five hours today. My butt is numb. I’ve heard of an interment, but this was the […]

09 Dec

Wow. I really am old.

Not because of what I remember, or what I’ve done, but because of something that was said to me: The older you get, the faster time flies. It doesn’t seem possible that a week has already passed since “the party.” But it has. I went out last nigth Holiday shopping — I still don’t know […]

09 Dec

Sorry for a down day, y’all

…but we all need ’em someitmes. 🙂

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