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04 Dec

It was only a pipedream.

I was thinking of seeing if perhaps I was a candidate for Lasik eye surgery, since I’ve been wearing corrective lenses for the past 26 years (and contact lenses for the past 23 years).

Of course you see all those fab advertisements about $500 per eye! Financing available! (They fail to mention that less than 1% of those going for the surgery qualify for that cheap of a procedure.) The average price is right around $2K per eye. Two THOUSAND dollars.

Sure, I’ve got health insurance with expanded dental and vision. But not for that. Vision covers one eye exam every 24 months, and one set of frames ($50, max) and one set of lenses ($75, max), or $100 towards contact lenses.

PK, RK, and Lasik are not covered because they’re considered “elective” surgeries.

So, you’re telling me that $140 every two years is the max you’ll pay out? You pull in at least double that from me (at least an additional $21 a month, for a total of $504) being that I very rarely use the dental. Oh, that’s right. You’re in the business to make money. Lots of money. Because due to “participating markdowns”, you may pay out 40% of a claim, after co-pay. Most likely, you pay out around 28%.

I hate insurance providers. Yes, HATE.

May you all have your eyes pecked out by rabid ravens.

One Response to “It was only a pipedream.”

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    Fritz Says:

    My dad had his Lasik done in Canada. It cost him $1,500 for both eyes.

    That’s quite a discount. He went to Canada because most of the doctors here in the U.S. said that he was too old to have the procedure.

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