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03 Dec

The Party, Life, and the world at large.

8:15pm, the day after the “last” party.





and maybe, yeah, more than just a bit disappointing.

PR started cooking at 3:30 AM (yes, A.M.) I got up at 6, as did Tink.The house never looked better. We made tons of food. Tasty food, presented well.

The first guest showed up at 3:50 PM (remember, the party was due to start at 4). The last guest left at 2:40 AM. (When I say these parties go until “whenever”, I’m not joking.)

We had a slightly smaller crowd for this one than in years past, which is where the hint of disappointment came in at. A number of people who said they were going to come just didn’t show up. A number of people called and gracefully bowed out because they were sick.

Then there was the drama. The wackiness. The, dare I say it…. insanity of it all.

One of the guests was supposed to bring ice (normally, I don’t ask guests to bring anything other than their appetite). Well, they called at 3:10 to say they were just leaving their house, which would have put them at the party at just before 4. At 5, we called them, and they were still 24 miles from here. When they finally did show up, they didn’t have ice (never mind that we confirmed what ice we’d need, and they passed many 7-11’s in the way here, as well as a Food Lion).

That was excusable (somehow, I guess), but what happened next was not. You see, it was Tink’s boyfriend, he took her outside to look at his new car, and he broke up with her, and then proceeded to stay around for another hour and a half. Once the word got around what he had done, I think he finally figured out why people were beginning to ignore him in greater numbers, and he left.

Hint dude: you don’t end a relationship at a party, especially when one of the hosts of said party is the person that you’re dating. You certainly don’t hang around AFTER the breakup for over an hour. If you couldn’t have found a different occasion to end the relationship. then by all means, make up some excuse to skip the party.

While we had a somewhat smaller crowd, it was a different mix than in years past. It was nice; I’m glad it’s over. The last guest showed up at 12:20, and we had plenty of alcohol and food left.

All-in-all, we only had one person overly inebriated the entire evening, and they weren’t driving.

People seemed to have a good time — which is what we were most concerned about.

So, down at 3 in the morning (I’d been going for 21 hours, PR for 23.5 hours), and back up at 8:30, to get prepped for church. Let me state I’m very pleased with the Transitional Minister. I’m tired of the older members of the church bitching if church takes more than an hour. Excuse me, asshats — you’re not taking your religion seriously if God gives you 168 hours in a week, and you get cranky if you have to give more than one of them back to Him. I complained when I was a Deacon that people should NOT be clock watchers; as the Spirit Leads, so be it. We had a full house today (it took 3 full rounds of communion to handle everyone). Of course that means that the service was going to run over time. At least this minister is interesting, and not bringing in “special guests” and making “special presentations”.

Afterwards, “The Ladies” went with PR and me to see a production of “Into The Woods” by Free Reign Theatre. Probably one of the best local drama productions I’ve ever seen. Costumes, sets, vocals…all top notch.

Then we all went to Freemason Abbey and had dinner. Then, finally home. I’m sitting here trying to take in everything that happened. Do I think it’s the last one I’m going to throw?

Oh yes. I started planning this one in August. It took 4 months to get it in place. Congratulations to Phil who won the gift bin filled with goodies.

Why stop now? After 10 years, I’m not getting any younger. I hate to admit it, but Christmas has is beginning to lose its child-like wonder for me. Many reasons, but this spells it out best. No, I won’t say who it’s about. They know. Somehow, I know they know.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Leave me a comment and let me know I’m not out here in this great big blogsphere all alone.

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    Keith Says:

    We had our party too. The folks I work with and a couple of spouses. Fourteen of us total. Our Seventh Annual “Christmas at the Chateau.” (We live in Chateau Du Mertz, affectionately called Ethel.)

    We had an awesome time, and were completely useless on Sunday.

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