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31 Dec

A 2006 Round-Up

I said goodbye to a number of people this year; I even managed to just say “see you later” to a few that I know I’ll most likely never see again. I’ve hard my hair every natural colour possible this year, from platinum blond to light brown, dark brown, auburn, black, and most recently, blue-black. […]

31 Dec

Honestly, there’s a reason for your nickname.

OB/GYN. Obnoxious Bastard (who) Grates Your Nerves. My GAWD. I went to a party where he was present last night. I declare I would be hard-pressed to find someone who is more of an ass, who is more opinionated, who is more “never wrong”. Personally, I don’t give a damn if all the alcohol doesn’t […]

30 Dec

Party On, Y’all.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

30 Dec

Thoughts as 2006 comes to an end

Just becuase you think you know someone, chances are, you really don’t. Toasted Almonds (the drink) are tasty, and even better when you don’t have to pay for them. People who try to pull the wool over the eyes of others are themselves blind to how transparent they actually are. You know who you are; […]

29 Dec

Well, now that you mention it…

This was yesterday’s “Bliss” cartoon, and was emailed to me. Too funny!

28 Dec

My Top 50 of 2006

50. Goodbye My Lover – James Blunt 49. Lovebite – Bananarama 48. Temple of Love – BWO 47. You – Bosson 46. SOS – Rhianna 45. Circle In The Sand (Beach Party Mix) – Belinda Carlisle 44. Say You Do – Janet Jackson 43. Like Fire Tonight – Gunther and the Sunshine Girls 42. Will […]

28 Dec

Who has time?

Watching HGTV where everyone appears to have time to swap out photos and cushions and rugs for every season or month. I’m sorry, but I don’t have that kind of time — I’m lucky to remember to wind the grandfather clock!

27 Dec

I thought I was supposed to be on vacation.

If so, then why do I always seem to be on the go? I’ve got revisions (and additions) to make to “the book”…which I’m working on as I type. How did everyone’s holidays go?

27 Dec

Thanks be to God.

PR’s sister has turned up, alive, without explaination. We don’t care, we’re just glad she’s alive. Thanks to all who offered up prayers.

27 Dec

Another prayer request

This time, again, for PR. It seems that his sister has absconded with a quantity of their mother’s pain killers and when confronted with it, appears to have fled. Dog is still in the house, but the windows are open, car is in the driveway (it’s got a flat tire, and she’s not allowed to […]

26 Dec

Things I’ve learned over the holidays

I’ve learned that old friends are there for you regardless of time and distance. You know who you are and you know how much you mean to me. 🙂 May you and your family be filled with love, laughter, and joy. I’ve learned that it’s ok to let go of a dream — especially one […]

26 Dec

Merry Christmas To All My Friends

This was passed on from Moonglow, and I felt I needed to share. It’s so appropriate! If I were ol’ Santa, you know what I’d do I’d dump silly gifts that are given to you And deliver some things just inside your front door Things you have lost, but treasured before. I’d give you back […]

26 Dec

Look out, ol’ Johnny’s Back!

Well, don’t think about calling me Johnny, but… Silver Blue is back in the saddle after much traveling. North, South, West, and since I’m on the coast, not so much East. I loaded Saffy up Sunday and headed to my Church, where we celebrated the final Sunday of Advent. God granted me the ability to […]

25 Dec

Happiest of Christmases.

I spent the afternoon of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Pisco. I’ll be writing about the three services I attended. A million thanks to Jo and Lenore for a wonderful dinner, and thanks to Father Bob, Father Jack, and Mother Ann for services that taught me more about the Festival Eucharist than I ever […]

24 Dec

Traveling Mercies, Please

Traveling mercies, please, to all of us who are on the road this holiday season. Not just so we remain safe from the crazy driver down the road, but so we remain safe from Mother Nature and any other thing that may befall us. Guide us safely back to our homes, and grant us the […]

23 Dec

Family and Friends over the Hols.

You’ve got to love them, even if they drive you crazy. I’m home, briefly, before jetting back out of here. I gave PR his Christmas gifts early since we won’t see each other until after Christmas. I’m assuming Tink’s safely with her Dad and family; I haven’t heard, but gave her her gift as well. […]

22 Dec

Taking it a bit too far.

Ok, I get being a Christian. After all, I was raised one. I believe in God. I, however, have a problem with people taking things too far. Why is it that “fundamentalists” (and most hard-core Christians) feel that if something involves magic, it must inherently be evil? Harry Potter isn’t real, people. Why do they […]

22 Dec

Holiday Doldrums.

Here we are, three days out from Christmas, 11 days out from New Year’s. I find myself in a funk, as I have in years past. No particular reason — I’m surrounded by friends and family. I just, for some reason, feel alone. There are those that are no longer with us that I miss, […]

21 Dec

Santa Claus has come to town.

Ho. Ho. Ho! I sat on Santa’s lap tonight, and told him what I wanted for Christmas. We’ll see if it’s any good, or just reindeer poop.

20 Dec

The Tuesday Ten™ on permanent hiatus

Sorry guys, but I’ve decided to shelve the weekly trivia game of The Tuesday Ten™. Did anyone notice we didn’t have one yesterday? I didn’t think so. LOL. The Friday FloorFiller™ will remain until about the first of the year. New Year’s Eve plans have changed, but it’s no one’s fault. It’s just another one […]

20 Dec

You never developed personal relationships, did you?

Tink made the mistake of checking the blog of the personal formerly known as her boyfriend at the behest of our friend Revog because obviously he’s a glutten for punishment — not only did he blog saying it was “nice knowing he no longer needed to settle” (excuse me, dude, but this is NOT the […]

19 Dec

New biscuit burner!

When you go to a store, buy a sealed box, and get it home to find out it contains something other than what the box has. Sure, it was a DVD recorder, but it wasn’t all format, and wasn’t even the same brand. Not only that, it smelled funny. Back to the store it will […]

19 Dec

Go, Bonecollector, Go!

One of the pleasures of doing something you love is helping others. BoneCollector has had such a success.

18 Dec

Some people don’t get it; others should get it in spades.

I’ve managed to keep my peace about this for two weeks. I can no longer. If you’re going to break up with someone because “you feel you should see other people”, NEVER hang around. If you ask “do you want me to leave,” and it’s a party, chances are the gracious host or hostess isn’t […]

18 Dec

For the Love of Lawyers

Not to be taken seriously, but funny nonetheless. Recently reported in the Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers Journal, the following are 22 questions actually asked of witnesses by attorneys during trials and, in certain cases, the responses given by insightful witnesses: 1. “Now doctor, isn’t it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he […]

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