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27 Nov

My oh my.

I’m so SHOCKED. Not. Where’s the people crying over the sanctity of marriage now? I know gay couples that have been together years longer than this falliacy. But then again, in the footsteps of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and all those who take marriage lightly, it comes as no shock. You want sanctity in marriage? […]

27 Nov

Holiday Scrapbook (2006 Christmas CD)

PoloRandy, Tink and I chose tracks from years past, or those that mean the most to us. PR went for more of the traditional: Burl Ives, Perry Como, etc. Tink went more Celtic: Great Big Sea, Seven Nations, etc. while I was all over the chart with Pat Benatar, Carpenters, etc. There’s 22 (?) tracks […]

27 Nov


2006 Holiday Scrapbook? Completed. Cooking will commence tomorrow evening. To Photo Lady and Household Name: Sorry that I’m going to have to miss our “Survivor Night” on Thursday, but with the pressure of getting everything done, I need those 3.5 hours. 🙁 (Never fear, I’m going to see Queen Esther this evening…) Hugs to all, […]

27 Nov

How do I feel this morning?

The tree is up, lit, and 50% decorated. The outside decorations are up, lit, and functional. (Photos to come later.) Other than jamming my fingers in the window, it went off pretty much without a hitch. Gotta take some tubs back to the basement, and then start cooking. We’ll be ready for the party on […]

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