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24 Nov

You ordered the smoked picnic shoulder, Sir?

Yes. I did. Please, apply it vigorously to Rachel Ray’s being, with my compliments. If there is any one person in this world that I am currently “OVER”, it would be the self-proclaimed Queen of EVOO. It used to be Mariah Carey. Then Billy Mays. Now, the annoying twit who is on every TV show, […]

24 Nov

I can’t take it anymore!

There’s a McCormick seasonings commercial that starts with a doorbell and the unseen husband shouting “Honey, my family are here!”. The look the “Mom” gives the daughter is “Damn, why’d he have to invite those bitches?” We then cut to a scene of the turkey being carried in, and I’ll have to say: for it […]

24 Nov

What to do, the day after.

You survived Thanksgiving. What to do with all those leftovers? Here’s some ideas: After Thanksgiving Turkey Soup INGREDIENTS * 1 leftover turkey carcass * 3 medium onions, chopped * 2 large carrots, diced * 2 celery ribs, diced * 1 cup butter, cubed * 1 cup all-purpose flour * 2 cups half-and-half cream * 1 […]

24 Nov

Hark! What is that glowing ball of light?

Those who know me know that I stay far, far away from retailers on Black Friday. I hate the maddening crowds, shoving, pushing, yelling — besides, I might injure someone. Besides, I’m holed up in my living room working on “The Book”. How much more to go? Enough that I’m not satisfied with it right […]

24 Nov

Black Friday FloorFiller™ 11-24-06

Enjoy while you shop! (As long as you’re shopping online. 🙂 )

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