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12 Nov

Please step off the planet!

There was an article in the paper today (Daily Press, “The Good Life” Section) where a reader wrote in about her dissatisfaction with a smoothie from a local restaurant.

It was for a Mango smoothie, and she wrote “the smoothie called for milk. I don’t drink milk, so I substituted orange juice. It wasn’t good.”

Excuse me. WHAP!!!!! That was the sound of me smacking the shit out of you with a clue stick.

Your substitution made NO sense. If you don’t drink milk, substitute SOY milk. Or choose a smoothie that doesn’t CALL for milk.

You wouldn’t substitute the beef in beef stew with grapefruit because you didn’t eat red meat, would you?

You wouldn’t substitute the chicken in chicken catchatori with bittersweet chocolate because you’re a vegan, would you?

So why the hell would you substitute MILK with a citric acid?

Sounds to me like you’re lacking in the common sense department, the logic department, and the brain department. Please step off the planet. We’re at our quota for ignorance.

One Response to “Please step off the planet!”

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    Deb Says:

    What a maroon!!

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