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12 Nov

As seen on a postcard…

My dear friend, RadioMan, showed me a post card from years gone by that was perfect. Across the top was written: “Millie secretly replaced her coffee grounds with kitty litter…” the photo shows the wife talking to her husband: “How did you like the coffee?” she asks. He responds: “It tasted like cat shit.” There’s […]

12 Nov

Lyrical Decision.

Well, after talking to a number of people behind the scenes, I’ve finally decided what I’m going to do in regards to the lyrics for “Silver Blue.” As important to me as they are, they are NOT going to be in the book. Nope. Two words that appear in the song (but strangely enough not […]

12 Nov

Cease with the rain.

We’ve got water in the cellar again. Not much. I’m not complaining. But MOTHER NATURE, CHILL THE HELL OUT.

12 Nov

Turkey Time approaches

How are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving? Or is it too early to start planning for it?

12 Nov

I laughed SOOOOO hard.

Tink and I were sitting in the living room discussing the previous post regarding “substitutions.” I can read another entry from another idiot. “Your pecan pie recipe was terrible! I was out of Karo syrup so I substituted KY jelly and it was inedible!!!!” (Raises eyebrows. You KNOW someone is gonna do it. After all, […]

12 Nov

Please step off the planet!

There was an article in the paper today (Daily Press, “The Good Life” Section) where a reader wrote in about her dissatisfaction with a smoothie from a local restaurant. It was for a Mango smoothie, and she wrote “the smoothie called for milk. I don’t drink milk, so I substituted orange juice. It wasn’t good.” […]

12 Nov

What the world needs now…

…is a heating pad that doesn’t collapse. Since they’re so pliable, you can’t use then on your back in a sitting position, etc. because they, much like beaten egg whites, deflate to nothing. Because of the sciatic nerve problems, I’m begging off from church today. Thanks to the laptop, I’m able to stay off my […]

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