Ramblings of Silver Blue

31 Oct


What with the holidays coming up and such…

The Greek Hunch Punch!

2 bottles Everclear® alcohol
1 bottle 100 proof Smirnoff® vodka
1 bottle Champagne
1/2 bottle Smirnoff® watermelon vodka
4 gallons Hawaiian Punch®
Sprite® soda
orange juice

Get fresh fruit (apples, oranges, strawberrys, pears) as well as canned fruit with juice (pineapples and peaches). Cut your fruit up and let it soak in a big cooler with the liquor for about 45 minutes. Add in the Hawaiian Punch and lots of ice, and taste. Then add add Sprite and orange juice to your liking. If made properly, then you should not be able to taste any alcohol.

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