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10 Oct

The Tuesday Ten™ 10-10-06

Pre-Election Mess.

1. What is your opinion on all the negative campaign ads that are popping up?

2. Should issues such as family religious background play a part of campaigning? Should it really matter if someones Grandfather was Jewish?

3. How far does a error in judgment reach? If something happened 20 years ago, or longer, should it continue to plague a candidate?

4. What is your opinion on the National Committees of the Dems and ‘Pubs with their sponsorship of negative campaign ads?

5. Do campaign ads (negative and otherwise) sway how you vote?

6. Are you registered to vote? Do you vote?

7. In your opinion should the full story be told in campaign ads? We have one candidate in Virginia claiming the other candidate only supported higher gas taxes, not renewable energy sources. Truth: The candidate supported the regions desire for an increase in the gas tax to pay for transportation initiative. How is that a negative when he supports what the people want?

8. If a state has a law making something illegal, do you feel it necessary to codify that by constitutional amendment?

9. Should there be term limits for all elected officials?

10. As me something.

One Response to “The Tuesday Ten™ 10-10-06”

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    revog1410 Says:

    Politics???? i thought it was mudslinging and sandbox kicking at it’s finest!!! Does it really matter one way or another? Most candidates tell people what they think we want to hear versus what they really will do and then spend the rest of the time saying howterrible the other person is versus standing on their own platform and defending it. No good options regardless lots of times.

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