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06 Oct

A picture says a thousand words…

And at 151 pages, the book is expanding. I just raided my parents photo archives of pictures that probably haven’t been seen in decades. Of course this means that, by default (by design) the book is going to go over it’s predestined 200 pages. But look at it this way: I’m doing it the way […]

06 Oct

Friday FloorFiller™ 10-06-06

Cos we are living in a material world. Enjoy!

06 Oct

Lord, let me hold my tongue.

On CNN today: LONDON, England — A senior British Cabinet minister has sparked fury by saying that Muslim women who wore full veils made community relations more difficult. Jack Straw wrote in a newspaper that a veil was “a visible statement of separation and difference” and that he was more comfortable dealing with female visitors […]

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