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03 Oct

Reverse Tuesday Ten™

Sorry guys but, this week’s in reverse. Care to come up with the questions to these answers? (Ahh! jeopardy style!)

1. My back is still giving me fits.
2. Work is piling up.
3. Only 5 more paychecks until Christmas.
4. 7 more days until the sonogram.
5. Golden Rings. (sorry, couldn’t resist)
6. Printers are failing left and right.
7. Xerox hasn’t outsourced, but doesn’t open until 9 PACIFIC.
8. My cola has gone flat.
9. People keep begging me for money! Who can I beg from?
10. Better yet, don’t ask me anything.

One Response to “Reverse Tuesday Ten™”

  1. 1
    Neil Morse Says:

    1. What’s that grinding, crunching sound?
    2. What’s a good reason for saying, “Oh, fuq it,” and going to a day spa?
    3. What are you going to use to pay for that partridge in a pear tree?
    4. What did I bet that you weren’t going to mention to me again?
    5. What’s all that bling on your hand?
    6. What was the result of the Printer final exams?
    7. How much proof do you need that the West Coast hates you and wishes you to die in a fire?
    8. Why did you go on that killing spree?
    9. That’s a question, not an answer. Modest Needs.
    10. Do you want me to ask about anything else?

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