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29 Sep

The Consistent Rocketing of Time

By reading my archives, I just realized that nine years ago today, boys and girls, I became a homeowner. I knew there had to be a reason why someone kept popping up in the most unusual locations — the person I was first on a mortgage with, that due to time and circumstances (and perhaps […]

29 Sep

I look like who?

I’ve started fleshing out the Myspace site . Not much there, but I’m trying to learn how other things work.

29 Sep

New PDF Teaser Up

Here’s 24 pages from the book. Please note that these pages may be edited, renumbered, or removed from the final product, now looking like a November publish due to possibly getting the clearance for lyric publication. (PDF File is 3868 K)

29 Sep

Friday FloorFiller™ 09-29-06

Enjoy. It may be the last. Looking at the way my blood pressure got all riled up yesterday after experiencing the need for a punchy clown, I need to step back and re-evaluate if this blog is doing me more good than harm. Next post will be a few more pages from the book.

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