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28 Sep

A different outlook towards helping people.

While I won’t go as far as to say “go stuff it up your bum sideways,” I’ve had to take on a new philosophy on trying to help people when they ask.

Listen to me well: I do not take kindly to being called a liar. I don’t do “prima donna” attitudes well. I don’t give a flying rats ass who you are, what position you hold, or what kind of money you have. I certainly don’t feel I need to give my time to something if you are going to end up wasting that time. I don’t control other people; if I start something for you, you best be a big enough person to finish it on your own.

I most certainly hope I never EVER see the person this is directed to again. I mean NEVER see them. For if I do, I will NOT be a gentleman and hold my tongue. I will tell them PRECISELY what I think of them, their attitude, their demeanor, and not only will I tell them were they can go, I will give them explicit directions on how to get there.

A note to my friends who think they may want me to help out someone they know: do yourself a favour and ask yourself what kind of person they TRULY are. Don’t make me tar everyone with the same brush.

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