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26 Sep

Too bad you can’t Screen-Cap a cell phone

The headline on my Razr Display Read: “NYC Judge Dismisses Gest’s Ass…” Of course, it didn’t have room to finish with “…ault Case”. I’m laughing myself silly visioning Judge Judy standing up, pointing a finger, and saying, “Mr. Gest? Yo ASS is DISMISSED!”

26 Sep

A Website that “Outs” fine print

Thanks to Moonglow for forwarding this very important article from MSNBC.

26 Sep

I’m sure I’m going to get blasted…

…but when did we, as co-habitants of this planet, just decide to become plain rude and walk all over each other? Blogs are a dime a dozen these days. You can claim your own corner of the blogsphere for free in some places. Most blogs have rules to keep them from being a free-for-all. Mine […]

26 Sep

The Worst Pun Ever

I blame Moonglow for forwarding this to me. LOL! There was this troupe of dancers that traveled around the country dancing in clubs and theaters. They were called the Steppers. At one club, the Steppers did such a good job of pulling in patrons that the management gave them all the drinks they could drink […]

26 Sep

The Tuesday Ten™ 09-26-06

1. What’s your most favourite holiday? 2. Your least favourite? 3. What holiday is the most over rated? 4. The most under rated? 5. Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or none of the above? 6. Why do March, April, June, and August have no “you get the day off” holidays? 7. Do you have a favourite […]

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