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19 Sep

The Tuesday Ten™ 09-19-06

Autumn Reflection Time (or for those in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring Reflection Time):

1. What’s your favourite memory about this time of year?

2. Consider where you live. Is there a transition period from hot to cold (or cold to hot), or does it happen quite rapidly? (Here in Hampton Roads, it’s normally summer one day, winter the next. We had a rarity with spring weather actually lasting about 2 weeks this year before the furnace gave way to the air conditioner.)

3. For many Americans, the arrival of autumn means a return to school for children (at least in those areas that do not have “year-round” schooling). Did you look forward to this, or dread it when you were a child?

4. Will you go site-seeing to watch the foliage change colours? (or to watch the world spring back to life?)

5. It is said that most people die in the spring and autumn. Why is that?

6. Do you have a summer and winter getaway/2nd home? If so, are you looking forward to going?

7. What one smell reminds you of this time of year? (Wood burning, a particular dish being cooked, etc.)

8. Do you watch reality TV? If so, which shows?

9. Do you maintain two separate wardrobes? If so, when do you swap out the lighter clothes for the heavier?

10. Ask me something.

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