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12 Sep

The Tuesday Ten™ 09-12-06

Disjointed Musings Edition.

1. Is it possible to forgive and forget?

2. If a photograph of you is taken by a professional studio, that copyright belongs to the studio for 75 years. Shouldn’t there be an earlier out, like say after 10 years? I mean it is of you.

3. Why do some people fight the establishment just to perform the same act that the establishment was going to make them do? (I.e.: you’re going to be fired, but you fight it, and once you are “permitted” to stay, you hand in your resignation.)

4. What’s your dream dinner, now that fall is on the way?

5. Did you pause to remember 9/11?

6. Do you know the significance of 1-20-09?

7. Other than death or disease (Alzheimer’s, stroke), do you feel there’s a deadline for your memories, after which time you should just let them go, in order to make new memories?

8. Why do some people expect others to do all the work for them?

9. Does death have the final word?

10. Ask me something.

6 Responses to “The Tuesday Ten™ 09-12-06”

  1. 1
    Pisco Sours Says:

    1. Yes.
    2. You’re confusing copyright and right of publicity. But from a policy standpoint, you’re right.
    3. Because people am dum.
    4. Chili!
    5. Only to think, “Media, shut up. I really don’t want to live through it again.”
    6. President Barack Obama.
    7. What a strange question. No.
    8. See 3.
    9. Because Christ broke the chains of death, those who know him and take up their cross to follow him (N.B. they don’t necessarily need to call him “Christ”—I’m a universalist, as you know) will live in him forever.
    10. Are you ready for autumn?

  2. 2
    On the Fritz - Observations of Modern Life Says:

    The Tuesday Ten™ 09-12-06…

    Disjointed Musings Edition. 1. Is it possible to forgive and forget? It is certainly possible to forgive any transgression. Forgetting is another matter. I’m sure that I’ve forgotten many of the small things that I’ve forgiven people …

  3. 3
    Fritz Says:

    You’re confusing copyright and right of publicity…

    Nope. I have professional experience in this area. Many portrait studios like Olan Mills retain copyright of the portraits they produce. You can’t copy them. You can’t reproduce them for a newletter or even your obituary. Take one into a Kinko’s and see what happens. They’ll refuse to make copies of it unless you have written permission from the studio.

  4. 4
    Fritz Says:

    You can find lots of lawsuits online filed by Olan Mills to protect their copyrights. The following is pretty interesting ‘cuz they conducted a “sting” to prove their case:


  5. 5
    Fritz Says:


  6. 6
    Pisco Sours Says:

    Fritz, he was in fact confusing copyright and right of publicity. SB doesn’t have the right to copy the photos, but the photograph can’t use them for commercial purposes without SB’s permission either. So it’s a Mexican standoff. (Unless, of course, the photographer reserved the right of publicity in its contract.)

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