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03 Sep

Over. It.

Sorry, God. I tried. I really did. I gave it my best shot at three different churches over the past six years. But all of them are more concerned about ego and man than praising You.

Today was the icing on the cake at the church I used to be affiliated with. The Interim Pastor and Moderator colluded to blatantly go against the bylaws of the church, hold an unannounced (and therefore illegal) congregational meeting, and since most members have stopped going there until the interim pastor has been replaced, they finagled it to keep him in the pulpit.

Sorry guys, but if it’s the Deacon Board’s place to hire the person, it is theoretically our responsibility to get rid of him at the congregation’s request. The petition to have him removed was not “illegal” as the Interim called it, nor was the vote from the Deacon Board.

But, since this is the direction the church is headed in, (we had all of 40 people in church this morning, a communion Sunday, nonetheless), I have to listen to the will of God, who is telling me to get the HELL out of that diseased place. It is beginning to damage me spiritually.

Besides, if they think that it’s ok to go against the bylaws/constitution of the Church, and go against a board, calling their actions “illegal”, then what purpose does it serve to have Boards to begin with? Or bylaws?

So, it’s been nice (for the most part) worshipping with you. You’ve lost your A/V department, because I’m sorry, I paid for the laptop and projector, and since you don’t have to play by the rules, neither do I. It’s not a matter of “I’m going to take my toys and go home.” It’s more a matter that I’m not going to sit down and type in the overheads for a church whose Interim pastor has sequestered himself behind closed doors with the two Deacons who voted to keep him, under the guise of “Sunday School”, when in fact it couldn’t have been.

Effective immediately, I’m resigning from the Deacon Board (one can only question my sanity after this many months and personal agendas that have come and gone), and I will also be submitting a letter requesting my name be dropped from the rolls of that building. I can’t call it a Church, because that would imply that God is in control of what is going on there.

You know, it’s a damn shame when the Association Conference Minister says that the Interim isn’t a good fit, and the Interim then goes behind everyone’s back to do this.

Shame on you all. I pray that God will give me the ability to forgive you for thinking it’s all about you, when in fact, it never has been. It’s all about giving God glory.

Pisco, what time’s your service? I may need to take a road trip.

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    Worship schedule is here.

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