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22 Aug

The Tuesday Ten™ 08-22-06

Ahh. Memories…

1. What’s your favourite occasion to think back on?

2. What’s your least-favourite occasion to be reminded of?

3. Have you ever been tempted to write a tell-all book?

4. How about your memoir?

5. How young is too young to write a memoir?

6. Why do you think that most tell-all books, don’t? Could it be fear of litigation, or just plain laziness?

7. Do you read memoirs (or watching them on Biography, E! True Story, etc.) with any regularity?

8. Whose memoir would you like to see written so you could indulge?

9. What’s your secret “guilty pleasure”?

10. Ask me something.

One Response to “The Tuesday Ten™ 08-22-06”

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    Fritz Says:

    Here ya go…


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