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10 Aug

Thought for the day:

10 Aug

If it’s buyer’s remorse, fine.

Return the item. I’ve made some phone calls to various stores in the area this morning. All of them said the same thing. There is NO way they would EVER carry a Cubic Zirconia in their display case when attempting to sell diamond jewelry, regardless of if the piece had to be custom made or […]

10 Aug

The best thing about Thursday?

It’s the day before Friday! 🙂

10 Aug

Instead of Pissing and Moaning…

I’ve simply taken to not blogging. Sure, there’s plenty of fodder for the blog — most of which would be very justified to be aired to the masses. Some involved family, some friends, some former friends, but you know what? These situations are better handled in private. You know, the old sit down and write […]

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