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08 Aug

Subtle Hint.

This week’s Friday FloorFiller is a flashback. But not because we’ve done it before. But because the production team no longer exists. Stock – Aitken – Waterman. You’ll get to hear classic tracks from Hazel Dean, Kylie Minogue, Pat & Mick, Donna Summer, Bananarama, Sandra, Samantha Fox, Laura Branigan, Nicki French, Pepsi & Shirlie, Gloria […]

08 Aug

Do we know what we’re fighting for?

Stop for a minute and think. Most people stop to think and then forget to start again.

08 Aug

The Tuesday Ten™ 08-08-06

Collectible Style. 1. Do you collect anything currently? 2. What’s the strangest thing (in your opinion) that people collect? 3. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever collected? 4. What constitutes a “collection”? 5. How do you display your collection(s)? 6. Who has the largest collection of something that you know of, and what is it? […]

08 Aug

Bear Invasion

As you know, I collect Cherished Teddies. Found someone online who was selling a collection for a friend. Seems their friend’s husband’s ex-wife (how’s that for trying to follow who it is?) collected, and the new wife didn’t want the collection in the house any longer. So I purchased the lot, sight mostly unseen. $2 […]

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