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18 Jul

The Tuesday Ten™ 07-18-06

In honour of my wireless router that decided to die in the middle of the night (thanks Belkin!):

1. If you run a network in your home, is it wired or wireless?

2. Mac or PC?

3. What brand(s) of computing equipment do you REFUSE to use? Why?

4. Where do you purchase most of your equipment from?

5. Anywhere irritate you so much you won’t do business?

6. Are extended warranties worth it?

7. Have you ever played solitaire with real cards because your computer was down?

8. Ever suffered from withdrawals because the network was down?

9. Have you ever cancelled plans because you were having computer issues that you just had to solve?

10. Ask me something.

6 Responses to “The Tuesday Ten™ 07-18-06”

  1. 1
    Neil Morse Says:

    1. Wireless.
    2. Macs 4eva!
    3. If I had my way, I’d have nothing to do with Windows or Microsloth.
    4. Apple Store.
    5. Overstock.com.
    6. The AppleCare warranty is, if you have a laptop. So many things can go wrong with laptops.
    7. No.
    8. Ohhhhh yeah. I rely on the net to communicate.
    9. *blush* Yes.
    10.Do you think we’ll have quantum computers in our lifetime?

  2. 2
    Deb Says:

    1. Wireless

    2. PC

    3. Compac…very loud

    4. Dell

    5. Not really…yet

    6. Depends. Laptops for the kids? Yep. For me? Not so much.

    7. They make real cards??? Seriously????

    8. Oh yeah, and the shakes can get pretty bad too.

    9. Ummmm…ummmm…yep

    10. Carraba’s Thursday evening?

  3. 3
    revog1410 Says:

    1. Both – Wired for couple PC’s and wireless for everything else
    2. PC
    3. DELL, their tech support is terrible and their parts are getting CHEAP
    4. NewEgg or GovConnection
    5. DELL – prices are outrageous and they have their heads in places they don’t belong
    6. Not often
    7. Only in PURE desperation
    8. of course – computer geeks are wired that way
    9. ummmm…….unfortunately
    10. Ask me something. What was the longest time you worked on a computer issue before you finally called it quits and either asked for help or realized it was a lost cause?

  4. 4
    On the Fritz - Observations of Modern Life Says:

    Silver Blue’s The Tuesday Ten™ 07-18-06…

    Silver Blue has a computer hardware related Tuesday Ten™ for today. In honour of my wireless router that decided to die in the middle of the night (thanks Belkin!): 1. If you run a network in your home, is it……

  5. 5
    Fritz Says:

    Here’s mine…


  6. 6
    Susskins Central Dispatch » Blog Archive » Silver Blue asks Says:

    […] and I respond. It’s another Tuesday Ten from Silver Blue. […]

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