Ramblings of Silver Blue

12 Jul

Ramblings of Silver Blue.

As you know, I ramble.

Bonecollector’s got new baby photos on line. Must. Resist. The. Cuteness!

As you know, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Legalese, we’re PROUD of you. You may not have gotten the raise, but you did get the “lateral”, which gets you out of where you weren’t happy anyway!

Tink and Anime Man seem to be hitting it off great, and I’m happy for them. Just do me a favour, ‘k? Should you all marry and decide to have kids, or not marry and decide to have kids, don’t name it after me, ‘sawright?

Side note to Kelly Ann (Zechmeister) McClure: Where on earth are you?

I’m ready for snow. Don’t ask why. Maybe some inner part of me actually just wants to go to Australia (since their seasons are reversed from ours).

Allow me to promote a wonderful line of software. Go visit Acoustica.com. They’re a small company producing BIG products. I use DJ Twist and Burn, Mixcraft, Mp3 Audio Mixer, MP3 CD Burner, CD Label Maker, Audio Converter and PhotosForever. Their software ROCKS (and NO, I don’t get a kickback for promoting them — but I believe in giving credit where credit is due…and they’ve earned it.)

I’ve been updating the Dining-Reviews.com blog — of course there have been some restaurants that I’ve dined at (like Carrabbas — thanks Bonecollector!) that need to be written up, but I think they’re going to have to have another visit to refresh my memory. It’s amazing how dining at two different buffets can cause a positive and a negative.

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