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27 Jun

We’ve introduced a generation of idiots.

At CHK, we’re hiring for a Tech position (vacated by BBalldude). One of the requirements we put in is a Bachelor’s Degree with IT emphasis — since the person will be doing network security and administration, as well as PC install and maintenance, it seemed to be the proper thing — also approved by HR (after all, all job listings must be approved by HR).

After weeding through 38 applications and weeding out those who did not meet the requirement, we sent the 8 candidates back to HR saying these were who we wanted to interview.

They denied it, saying we unjustly ruled out candidates that did not have a Bachelor’s degree.

This is their justification:

“The qualification of having a bachelor’s degree should always be accompanied by the phrase “or equivalent combination of education & experience”. However, this was not stated on your advertisement which was an error on my part, therefore, a applicant can not be solely excluded for not having a degree.

The HECK? What’s next? We’re not allowed to say that sperm donors have to be male?

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