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24 Jun

Massive Farewells.

Charles Darwin’s Tortise (age 176) JonBenet’s Mother, Patsy Ramsey Aaron Spelling (TV producer, father of Tori Spelling, whom I will guess never has to work another day in her life) and to anyone who eats a “Krispe Kreme Cheeseburger”. Those things are loaded with fat to begin with; need we add beef and cheese? I […]

24 Jun

Just a friendly reminder

that if you chose to leave a comment, and you’ve never left one before, I have to moderate them. Therefore, to animeroxmysox@shutthef*ckupyouf*ckingspambot.com who left the following comment: It’s all from this show on Cartoon Network called The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. The “Clowns Hate Tangelos” is from the episode when Mandy tries to […]

24 Jun

And it’s back down to earth again…

…back in my car and gone… back on the road…. alone.* [Audio clip: view full post to listen] The weekend is finally upon us. Saturday, a day for relaxing, a day for goofing off, a day for…a migraine? Why, oh WHY, Mother Nature has decided to unleash one on me today is beyond me. Neil […]

24 Jun

As seen on a t-shirt

There’s no place like

24 Jun

Music of the Morning

I Believe In You Kylie Minogue/Scott Hoffman/Jason Sellards I don’t believe you know me Although you know my name I don’t believe the faults I have Are only mine to blame I don’t believe that magic Is only in the mind I don’t believe I’d love somebody Just to pass the time But I, I, […]

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