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20 Jun

I’m sure you’ve heard this

The news about a six year old boy who died when he “fell off a ferris wheel”.

Now, I have some serious questions here:

1. What was the mother doing watching from the ground instead of being with her six-year old?
2. What was the child doing riding it by himself? I don’t give a damn if he met height requirements. Common sense (of which the mother seems to SERIOUSLY be lacking) should have told the mother the child was too young to ride by himself.
3. What grounds do you think the parent(s) will use to sue the amusement company for not stopping their child from riding?

Listening to the mother (video portion) about why her son was riding alone just didn’t hold water with me. I’m sorry, but face it lady, the child wouldn’t not have panicked when the wheel stopped (with him on top) if your behind was on the ride with him.

What kind of parent is going to turn their child loose on a ride like that and then say “greater regulations are needed because he didn’t deserve to go like that?”

I’ve mentioned that we’ve unleashed a generation of parents who know nothing about parenting because they’ve been so coddled by their parents, who go to bat for them, even once they’re in the workforce (a manager I know had a mother come in the workplace and bitch because she didn’t feel her “baby” received a fair evaluation. — Excuse me, but your child is over 18. Legally, I cannot discuss her work with you. Now, if you don’t leave the premises immediately, I’ll call security and have your ass removed), or once they apply for college/graduate school.

It’s time that people start taking responsibility for their actions, and quit trying to blame their stupidity on others.

Personally, I’m tired of having to take up the slack for these losers. Maybe the statement that “the gene pool needs chlorine” is truer than any of us could have wanted to believe.

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