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18 Jun

Heat, and the Bushes Go Missing!

It was hotter than blue blazes today (close to 90 degrees, with very little breeze), but Dad, Mom & I spent 6 hours going through Busch Gardens. It was fun, and lines weren’t so bad. The second half of the subject? No, America hasn’t come to its senses and sent Dubya and Laura into hiding; […]

18 Jun

A Word Before I Go.

Virginian-Pilot has an article on how 401(k) plans are being changed. The problem that I see is two-fold: (1) The major disparity between CEO and upper management compensation, and the pay levels of the average employee. There is no argument that can hold water as to why an individual at the CEO level is worth […]

18 Jun

Happy Father’s Day!

I shall be spending it with my father, so blogging will be later today.

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