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16 Jun

Capt George’s

Few things are as satisfying as the AYCE Seafood Buffet at Capt. George’s. The parental units and I dined for two hours and I am so full of crab, I should be a cake. LOL.

16 Jun


Regular readers know I don’t oftentimes put out information about my “personal” life. This is not one of those times. I finally figured out what was wrong when I was attempting to forgive you, Italiana, for the way you treated me, cheated me, and walked out of my life. The problem was that I was […]

16 Jun

Clowns Hate Tangelos

Don’t ask. It was all that was on a billboard on my drive home.

16 Jun

This is TOO much Fun

Click Here Thanks to Moonglow for caring enough to send it on. 🙂

16 Jun

The Friday FloorFiller™ 06-16-06

Another oldie I’ve tinkered with, only because I didn’t have time to do a Disco one! Enjoy!

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