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12 Jun


…it’s the moments that take your breath away that make life worth living.

12 Jun

And the day won’t end.

You know, when someone attempts to beat the system, my first (and last) inclination is to beat them. We’ve had a situation arise at work (without giving out too many details) where someone only heard what they wanted to hear, and when they decided they didn’t like the job they’d been given, looked for every […]

12 Jun

Best left unsaid

Yes, I went for the followup today. No, I don’t want to talk about it. Thanks for all who emailed. At least what I heard wasn’t terminal (well, life is terminal, but you know what I mean).

12 Jun

Looking for spider spray

I’ll be damned. Didn’t have much in the way of visitors yesterday, but spiders from search engines I’ve never HEARD of were crawling my site, using up processor power, and such. They hit my site over 12,800 times. Not just GoogleBot or Yahoo!Slurp, but something from BecomeBot and MJ12Bot. I guess I need to do […]

12 Jun

Changes in plans

Well, I was supposed to be off today, but due to some friends coming down from Pennsylvania earlier than planned, I’ve deicded to try and alter the days off and so… Mom is distraught. I spend time with her last night, taking her away from the house while her pet was put down. Needless to […]

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