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10 Jun

Craziness abounds

Yesterday when I was with Picture Lady, we ate at a place called Sunrise Shoppe. The food was great, but I have to say it’s the only place I know of that you can get breakfast foods with a side of fried rice. I’ve added the November 1999 pictures from State College as well as […]

10 Jun

Drug Bust!

The things you see when you’re out and about. The Terriffic Threesome™ (that would be Tink, PoloRandy and myself) went up to Jefferson Commons tonight to purchase some stuff at Kohl’s. As we came out, there were no less than 10 cop cars and several people in handcuffs. It seems that there was a drug […]

10 Jun

Major Mental Disconnects

Keep my ‘rents in your thoughts. They’re having to have a cherished pet of 13 years put down tomorrow. Granted, it’s not your average animal (a “designer” pet, I called it — a Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig), but it was loved and tended to for many years and lived life pretty much like an adopted child. […]

10 Jun

Gameboy. Info. Etc.

Let’s see. Yesterday: I won one game of “Upwords”, lost the best of seven in Zilch to Picture Lady 4 to 3, and won 2 games of Scene It! Movies (remarkable, considering the shallowness of my movie watching) I hate to admit it, but I’m beginning to miss some of my online friends terribly. Some […]

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