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08 Jun

Late night, time-tripping.

I’ve been deciding what should go up on the photography pages and what shouldn’t…. It’s amazing how far cameras have come since I first started taking digital photos. Talked briefly online to some friends tonight. It was amazing how time just passed by. Here it is, in the middle of the second episode of Whose […]

08 Jun

Photos are the windows to our world.

And to my past as well. The Silver Blue Experience presents: The Photographic Experience. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

08 Jun

It has started! :-)

And I declare it to be good. The rewrite of my original web site is taking shape. Lots of clutter cleared out, too. Yay!

08 Jun

Trailer Park Romance

From the personals section of “Moble Homes Weekly” After working at the Jiffy Lube and before headin back to the half way house, I stopped off at the Food Lion to gets me some beers. I saw your wondering eye glance at my sexy self. I was wearing stained,ripped sweats, my hairy beer gut hanging […]

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