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02 Jun

Maybe I’m just overly cynical

But there was a post on CNN.com yesterday about an inmate who had killed his wife, received a life sentence, and was back in court because a psychiatrist said “the inmate would die without a sex change operation“. The psychiatrist even went so far as to compare it to “denying an inmate a liver transplant.”

Excuse me, but there’s a BIG difference between denying a liver transplant and giving someone a sex-change operation.

A body without a liver can die.

A body that does not have hormone treatments, its penis removed, and a vagina created will not die, of its own accord.

Should this inmate truly desire to commit suicide, as the psychiatrist claims, then let him. He’s serving a life sentence for killing his wife. Obviously he didn’t think anything of HER dying, so why should we, as American citizens, be concerned of his “needs” that aren’t life threatening? While we’re at it, we should stop his hormone therapy. That’s tax money being wasted.

When you commit a crime, confess, and are convicted, you do become a lesser citizen. That’s part of the adage “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

Maybe S/He should have thought about wanting to reroute their plumbing before doing in their wife.

2 Responses to “Maybe I’m just overly cynical”

  1. 1
    AbNorMal Says:

    Maybe I’m cynical, too, because I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. 2
    Deb Says:

    Clapping loudly!!! Prison is meant to make a person suffer for what they have done. Who cares if his mind thinks he’s someone else. Obviously, his mind is warped anyway since he killed his wife so what’s the point in believing anythin in his mind?

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