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27 Mar

Coming Soon to A Stage Near You

The Xanadu Revival. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. LOL

27 Mar

It’s a Miracle

Ok, so it ‘s not. But have a laugh, nonetheless.

27 Mar

Music of the Morning

“You’ll Come Back (You Always Do)” – as performed by Sasha Lazard I know you’re leaving me again Been so many times I won’t keep score But you’ll come back, you always do Then it’s better than it’s ever been before. I’ll hang around, live out the time I’ll dream of you and drink the […]

27 Mar

Pain, The Past & Other Things*

Sorry for the lack of posts. Much has been going on, including out of town trips, makeups, breakups, everything is shakeups (“Creeque Alley” by Mamas & Papas), the reformation of “By Faith Alone” in it’s original trio to perform the Via Dolorosa (in English and in Spanish) for the first time in over 3 years. […]

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