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22 Mar

You Ask, I answer

Keith, over at Susskins Central Dispatch, asks:

What physical malady/condition of yours do you wish you could magically reverse?

Well, since you didn’t say “mental”, I’m going to have to say the weight that I’d gained via being so damn unhappy with the way my life turned out. I’m working on “non-magically” reversing it (having bronchitis and a touch of pneumonia helped some of the pounds “magically” disappear, however.)

“Mentally” you ask? The face that I’m far too much of a compassionate person, and can’t kick a dog when they’re down. (It’s a METAPHOR, people. I don’t go kicking dogs.) I care too much for other’s emotions to say what’s really on my mind. That causes a large amount of internalization that probably have given me an ulcer or 3.

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