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14 Mar

The Tuesday Ten™ – 03-14-06

Today’s Tuesday Ten™ is a little thisa, a little thata.

1. Do you eat corned beef & cabbage on St. Paddy’s Day?

2. Do you drink green beer?

3. What’s your favourite holiday?

4. With spring on the way, describe the perfect day for you.

5. Mild or zesty?

6. If you were given a chance to be in love with someone for only one year knowing you would never be able to contact them again, or to spend that year having one-night stands (with no chance of STDs), which would you choose?

7. Have you ever lied to get someone to sleep with you?

8. Name one food you cannot stand.

9. Why do people feel the need to be instigators in life? (I.e., why do they have to come around when all they do is upset the apple cart?)

10. Would you, could you, will you, do you or should you {fill in the blank}. [a-ha! caught you with a surprise final question!]

3 Responses to “The Tuesday Ten™ – 03-14-06”

  1. 1
    Deb Says:

    1. Uh…NOOOOOO

    2. Uh…NOOOOOO

    3. Christmas

    4. Warm, gentle breeze…birds singing…sitting by a lake with the love of my life

    5. Mild

    6. Neither scenario is worth it


    8. Liver

    9. Since no one will go to them because they’re no fun to be around, they have to seek you and your apple cart out!!

    10. Uh……Maybe….hee, hee

  2. 2
    On the Fritz - Observations of Modern Life Says:

    Today’s Tuesday Ten™…

    Here is the Tuesday Ten™ from Ramblings of Silver Blue. This week is a little thisa, a little thata. 1. Do you eat corned beef & cabbage on St. Paddy’s Day? No. It is too much work to fix for……

  3. 3
    Fritz Says:

    Here you go…


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