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08 Mar

Decreasing Returns

Or should I say “decreasing me.” I got a bit of a head start on this behavior modification from when I said I was going to, and while I know it’s mostly water weight (at my size, I don’t think that’s too hard to believe) but, I’m pleased to say I’m down 19 pounds. Another […]

08 Mar

Search me!

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08 Mar

Listen On, they said.

My WinAmp list will carry me through 3 days. Yeah, I have some favourite artists. Can’t tell, eh?

08 Mar

It maybe Spring Break

but it doesn’t feel like a break for me. I really need a life.

08 Mar

Breathe Deep.

I may be making a trip north this weekend after all. Sometimes I hate myself for trying to make peace. Have I menitoned lately how much I don’t enjoy sitting at sporting events? (I know, how much more exciting is being on the PC, right?)

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