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07 Mar

It may be true…

but that doesn’t mean you should believe it. The hype, that is. Sure, something can say 0 grams of Transfat! (and lots of things do these days — it’s the new catchphrase) You still need to look at the label carefully. One such item which claimed O grams of Transfat (which is correct) actually had […]

07 Mar

Music of the Afternoon

Bless The Broken Road – performed by Rascal Flatts Written by: Marcus Hummon, Bobby E. Boyd & Jeff Hanna I set out on a narrow way many years ago Hoping I would find true love along the broken road But I got lost a time or two Wiped my brow and kept pushing through I […]

07 Mar

A Taste on Tuesday

(didn’t wait until Friday so you’ll have plenty of time to make this for St. Patty’s day!) Corned Beef and Cabbage Directions are included for corning the beef brisket (a 7-day process). The brisket is then simmered until tender, and vegetables are added toward the end of the cooking time. Serves 14 to 18. 1 […]

07 Mar

Some answers, how’s life?

Fritz asked “who is your favourite author”? I have to admit being a low key reader; I love Harold Robbins, people of that ilk. Of course, I’d also say my favourite author is Deke McClelland simply becuase he writes such kick-ass books about Photoshop. My answers to the Tuesday Ten™: 1. What’s your favourite dish […]

07 Mar

Voting Booth is Open

Go VOTE for the 2006 Ramblings of Silver Blue Weblog Awards. Polls close on 3/14/06. You’ll see more info regarding this in future posts. For the meantime, be heard!

07 Mar

The Tuesday Ten™ – 03-07-06

Favourites: 1. What’s your favourite dish to eat? 2. What’s your favourite dish to cook? 3. What’s your favourite restaurant? 4. Who’s your favourite movie star (male)? 5. Who’s your favourite movie star (female)? 6. Who’s your favourite musical performer (male)? 7. Who’s your favourite musical performer (female)? 8. Where’s your favourite place to shop? […]

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