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06 Mar

Was anyone really surprised…

…at the way the Oscars turned out? I wasn’t. In fact, I only watched 30 minutes of it before deciding I had a life and other thigns to do.

What did YOU do last night?

3 Responses to “Was anyone really surprised…”

  1. 1
    Neil Morse Says:

    Last night, I stabbed out my eyes so I wouldn’t have to watch that monstrosity.

    *sigh* Remember Whoopi’s “I AM THE AFRICAN QUEEN!”? Good times, man, good times.

  2. 2
    Keith Says:

    Fred and I watched Robots and ate popcorn. We had a lovely time.

    Good popcorn movie, and absolutely gorgeous visuals/gimmicks. Really fun to watch. Way more fun than watching people wet themselves over a number of movies I haven’t seen and don’t care to.

  3. 3
    Fritz Says:

    I watched the whole tired mess.

    I still have friends in L.A. and I’ll need something to talk about.

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