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06 Mar

It takes all kinds

Thanks to Susie, whose brother has been busy on those outskirt websites:

When Noah built his ark, there were over 300 million people living on the earth. Only Noah and his family, only 8 people, were convinced that the world was going to experience a tremendous judgment from God. Over 300 million people scornfully rejected Noah’s warnings.

As my brother put it:

Q: How did Noah possibly notify and subsequently get a rejection (“No thanks, guy, we’ll stick it out”) from 300 million people?

What if they all believed him? Could the Ark even hold 300 million sinners?

To which there was a classic response:

“Well, since Noah was one of the few who were actually on a nearly face to face conversation level with God, I’d wager he had a little help in figuring it out.

Also, figure that the entire population of the earth was theoretically in the middle east at that time, and that it took Noah over 100 years to build it – word probably would’ve spread along the trade routes.

As far as building it goes, he was given the dimensions directly from God, who probably had a good idea of exactly how many people WOULD take Noah up on it, being omniscient and all.”

Susie’s response made me laugh: Dude. Sometimes a banana is just a banana…. 😉

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