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02 Mar

No kissing.

We’re gonna get screwed yet again.

Not only are property values escalating through the roof at a time when salaries are not keeping up with the cost of living, we now have the wonderful ASSHATS in Richmond deciding that we need to put tolls on all the bridges and tunnels in this area.

Let me ask you two questions:

(1) Didn’t the voters vote down a proposal that would have added 1 cent to the sales tax to pay for a traffic program?

(2) What effect will this have on trying to make the “Seven Cities” one “Region”? Sounds to me like it’s going to increase traffic snarls which are already horrible, as well as work to “segment” the area even more.

I know from working at a location that is impossible to get to without going through a tunnel or bridge, I’m soon going to have to look at either giving up my house or changing my job. You see, we’ve gotten 1 pittance of a raise over the past five years. 3% (or maybe it was 4.25%, I can’t remember, and I’m too lazy to look back in the blog).

Fuel prices have gone up and up. Utility prices have continued to increase. Health care costs have increased. Property Assessments have gone farkin’ sky-high. Tax relief has not been a benefit to me or any of my co-workers.

Now they want to lay a toll on any way to get to the Southside or the Peninsula. From any direction. Let’s say it’s simply 50 cents in each direction if you buy one of their “smart tags” because most people work 8-5 or some semblance of that timeframe. That’s a dollar a day. Five bucks a week. May not seem like much, until you add up that it’s $260 a year.

That’s $260 a year that won’t be spent on food, clothing, property improvements, etc.

That $260 a year practically would be 1/3 of that raise we finally got last year for a person earning $30K a year. Considering that health care also went up by $192 annually, fuel (gas) went up by 31% (from an average of $1.59 to $2.29), home assessments went up by 21%, food prices increased by at least 10% (and if you don’t believe me, go down the meat or cereal aisle), insurance (home) rates went up by 10-25%, and work parking went up by 9.3%.

You can’t get blood from a turnip, folks.

A regional bridge tolling board would be created. It would have the power to enact tolls, with the rates varying based on the time of the day and the day of the week. The tolls likely would remain for a generation, or longer, lawmakers estimate.

Basically, what they’re saying is: Live where you work, don’t go anywhere, and if you work for the state, you’re gonna take it and not get kissed. After all, you should be lucky you have a job. Lots of people in Iraq (and Louisiana) don’t.

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