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22 Feb

Bigotry and Hatred?

Welcome to America.

Trust me, any time I hear of people going “oh, {so and so} do so much for {whatever}” or “no one does more for {such and such} than…” and then these same people turn around and are homophobic, I just want to throw a penalty flag and say:

“Look, you self-righteous bigot. You can’t have it both ways. Either you accept the person for who they are, the way GOD MADE THEM, or I think you should suffer the consequences of having them stop doing whatever it is you appreciate.”

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Personally, I think ALL public displays of affection are offensive and should be banned. I simply don’t want to see two people kiss, regardless of gender.

One more thing…when is the Church finally going to say enough is enough and quit marrying people? After all, the government has (or is in the process of) decided what can and cannot be done in the “eyes of God”, and we’re supposed to have separation of Church and State, right?

Not a good way to start your Wednesday.

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