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08 Feb

Top Reason to Hate Microsoft IE

That would be websites that are so intrinsically tied to the browser that they will not work in ANY other browser.

Sorry, but life’s short. They already own my operating system. They are NOT going to own my browser any longer. That would be like Honda saying you could only use Honda gasoline in the vehicle if you wanted it to run at all.

For a company that has resisted change (other than security patches, there has been no “real” upgrade to IE6 since 2001), they’re not out winning any friends, are they?

Jeez. I purchase an iPod and become more and more anti-M$. Wonder if there’s a correlation to it?

One Response to “Top Reason to Hate Microsoft IE”

  1. 1
    Tink Says:

    The ipods have subliminal messages to use something other than a
    Microsoft product! Yeah, that’s it! Question for your next set
    of conspiract questions….

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