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06 Feb

My Vote for Best Superbowl Commercial?

Easy. It goes to Budweiser, for their commercial featuring the Clydesdale foal who wants to be grown up and puts itsself in the harness to pull the beer wagon (and does — unbeknownst to it, to older Clydes are pushing it from the rear with their heads). The keeper of the horses says to the dalmation “I won’t tell him, if you won’t.” A real heart-tugger.

First Runner up goes to the first commercial of the Stupid Super Bowl, FedEx, where the caveman gets fired for not using FedEx, even though it hadn’t been invented yet. Walking out of the cave, he kicks a small dinosaur walking by, only to — moments later — be crushed under the stomp of a mastedon. Priceless.

Second Runner up also goes to Bud for their stadium air-shot commercial when half the stadium holds up cards over their heads to form a bottle, while the other half hold up theirs to form a glass. Then, through “rotation of cards” (I know — it was most likely CGI effects) the bottle spews over the oval (by cards held by the crowd between the bottle and glass) filling up the glass. The the glass empties in four “gulps” turning from amber back to white.

(The “Magic Refrigerator” by Bud Light and the Roboto/Godzillaish “Unleash The Monster In You” H3 Hummer commercial also were somewhat memoriable, and so was the Ameriquest “Fabio” Life Comes At You Fast spot)

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    revog Says:

    AWWWW! I liked the pepsi commercial! where they had coke being the stunt double and getting crushed. It was funny!!

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