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04 Feb

In God’s Time, Not in Our Time

I received news last night that Lunatic, the person who ram me out of a church with their overbearing, beastly mannerisms from the pulpit has given their notice and will be moving to Texas BEFORE EASTER. This is major news, not because I plan on going back to that particular church, but becuase God has […]

04 Feb

Trying to get the rest of the templated files installed

So you’ll have to forgive the “non-working” archives for now.

04 Feb

I’ve almost given up.

I love this theme, and it works great, EXCEPT for the archives. If you click on a day, you get the archives. If you click on COMPLETE ARCHIVES, you get some cryptic message about Direct Access to this page is not allowed. However, if you go to the test blog I set up http://silverblue.thesilverblue.com/test and […]

04 Feb

You know you shouldn’t try a new template after midnight

But try I am. It’s frustrating, as I can’t get the damn “archives” to function properly.

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