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31 Jan

You ask, I answer.

Deb asks: You know your father has cheated on your mother. Your mother doesn’t know it and your father has no idea that you know. Do you tell your mother?

I take the oath of “above all, do no harm” and apply it to most things in my life. This would be one of them. What good could come from telling my mother that my father cheated? I would be more likely to go to HIM and say “I know what you did last summer…” (or month, or weekend, or night or whatever) and tell him that he needs to get right with Mom.

Fritz asks:What was up with your blog this morning? I got a database error.

Something happened to the SQL server that had me down for a while. DreamHost (my Hosting company) got on it four minutes after I reported it, and while I was almost down for two hours, I know enough to know that sometimes these things aren’t easy to correct. They kept me informed, and that made major points in my book.

Someone (who has requested to remain anonymous) asks “Why don’t you answer your own questions?”

Well, I don’t mind doing 1-9, but I refuse to talk to myself at this stage of my life. I may start making sense. So…

1. This question is worded so that there IS no right answer. You can’t bow out of it and say “oh, I woudln’t kill anyone” for that’s not an option. You’re presented with two answers and have to chose one of them. I’d have to chose my spouse, as painful as it would be, because of the fact that blood is thicker than gravy. Much tastier, too, a vampire once told me (ha, ha, ha!)

2. No. There is no amount of money that can justify killing for pay, regardless of whether it’s an animal or person.

3. If I knew I would NEVER be found out, and a dreamboat happened into my life and wanted an afternoon of pleasure, only to sail away never to be heard from again, I’ll admit I would seriously consider it. I’m human after all. I’d also probably be wracked with guilt (you’d swear I was Jewish by the amount of guilt I carry) and wouldn’t go through with it, but … you never know.

4. I’m pro death penalty, when the evidence (including DNA evidence) supports the guilty verdict.

5. I wondered if any one would laugh at the fact I called a Lawyer “a deadly weapon”. Guess it bypassed people. LOL. Being that I’ve had this happen, I can honestly say it’s the lawyer that wins — though the button marked “Straight to HELL” comes in a VERY close second. As far as the hair dryer (plugged in) or gun — I’m not going to jail for killing anyone, even if they’re cheating on me.

6. Gluttony is the greater sin. Being a packrat (or hoarding) is a sign of a mental disease (part of which I think I may suffer from considering the number of CDs I collect) which the person may honestly have no control over. Being a Glutton, however, is one of the original seven deadly sins.

7. Death with dignity. It’s amazing the number of people who want to die before they lose control of their mind, their body, their free-will, and due to conditioning by various religious zealots, etc. (remember, the Bible was written before there were 49 bazillion people in the world and they were, among other things, attempting to populate the earth), these same people don’t care to commit suicide. Does that make the person administering the fatal dose a murderer or an angel of mercy? That’s a question for another ethical batch of Tuesday Ten™s.

8. I’d consider the two buildings. If one was decidely female and the other male (take non-coed dorms, for example) it would go to the Men’s dorm. Otherwise, I’d put an ad in the paper saying wallet found, call and describe to claim. [Hey, if others can put a spin on the answer, so can I!]

9. Again, this is one I’d have to think about — how far from the nearest EMT are we? Let’s use this as an example: If we were where my grandmother used to live, way back in the boonies, yes, I’d start CPR. It took the EMT 25 minutes to get back to where she lived – the individual would most likely have permanently expired by the time the EMTs arrive.. If there was a station right around the corner, then no. No sense in potentially causing harm to the person.

A man said to the Universe,
“Sir, I exist.”
“Never-the-less,” replied the Universe,
“That fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.” – Stephen Crane

2 Responses to “You ask, I answer.”

  1. 1
    Fritz Says:

    “You’re presented with two answers and have to chose one of them.”

    Ah, this is never the case in life. As long as we have our intellect, choice isn’t limited to that which is offered. I think I read that in a fortune cookie — or maybe it was Ayn Rand.

  2. 2
    Fritz Says:

    Man has been called a rational being, but rationality is a matter of choice — and the alternative his nature offers him is: rational being or suicidal animal. Man has to be man — by choice; he has to hold his life as a value — by choice; he has to learn to sustain it — by choice; he has to discover the values it requires and practice his virtues — by choice.

    — “Galt’s Speech” Atlas Shrugged

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