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31 Jan

Terms and Conditions

Care for some legalese?

31 Jan

I mean, come on!

People didn’t have a clue that Sir Elton was gay BEFORE he came out? Even if you ignore the glasses, costomes, wigs… if you listened to one of his hits, you’d have had no doubt. After all, what straight man would sing “Hold me closer Tony Danza”?

31 Jan

Music of the Night

Haunting – Carly Simon There’s always someone haunting someone – haunting someone Like an echo in the wind leaves, unreconciled – Waiting to be picked up and bounced down again on Listeners ears There’s always someone haunting someone – haunting someone And you know who I am Though I never leave my name or number […]

31 Jan

You ask, I answer.

Deb asks: You know your father has cheated on your mother. Your mother doesn’t know it and your father has no idea that you know. Do you tell your mother? I take the oath of “above all, do no harm” and apply it to most things in my life. This would be one of them. […]

31 Jan

In all the craziness…

…my SQL server decided to weird out. All better now, it seems. Yay Dreamhost! The Associated Press reports McDonald’s, with more than 31,000 restaurants worldwide and $20.5 billion in sales, did not return calls. But Sibilski, who follows the chain, said McDonald’s is expanding its use of call centers for taking orders, to ensure accuracy. […]

31 Jan

The Tuesday Ten™

Ethical dilemmas: 1. If you were forced to choose between killing your spouse (if you have one) or one of your parents (assume there will be no legal ramifications to this), who would it be? 2. If you were guaranteed to receive $1,000 for drowning a puppy (assume there is no legal ramifications), would you […]

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